Josh Graham

Josh Graham - Sydney

  • 2018 Demo

Josh Graham got into the voice acting industry at the tender age of nine, starting a 14 year on-air stint as a radio producer/presenter. At 23 Josh moved into TV, where his voice quickly became synonymous with the youth market, as the official channel voice of MTV Australia and New Zealand. Naturally Josh has quite a youthful timbre, but there’s a lot of room to move, taking on castings from 16-35. He has a highly dynamic range of reads, from young and fresh, to serious and dramatic. Conversational and soft, to an excitable sell! Josh is fun to work with, and will always work with your producer to get the best results.

Josh works out of a studio and can do remote records for quick turnarounds.



Age range 20 - 30, Teen

Talent range Accents, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, Singing, Straight