Tahnee Stroet

Tahnee Stroet - Sydney

  • 2018 Demo
  • Promos
  • Corporate

Tahnee Stroet has a voice you can trust, she makes sense of anything she lends her voice to. She has the unique ability to sound ‘real’. The VO you get when you want a ‘slice of life’. Tahnee’s background is as a classically trained actor for stage and screen but she takes her art-form just as seriously in the booth. If it’s at all possible to sound both authoritative and sexy at the same time, Tahnee does it. The voice of a mum, a wife, a CEO and the girl next door, Tahnee is also one of the few voice actors who can effortlessly move between government campaign, bubblegum and Tv Promo.



Age range 20 - 30, 30 - 40

Talent range IVR, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, Straight