Tom Williams

Tom Williams - Melbourne

  • 2018 Demo
  • Corporate
  • Rock
  • Retail
  • Promos
  • German

Born and raised in the friendly islands of Fiji, I inherited my passion for performance from my very musical and theatrical parents.
A life long student of the arts, my professional career began as a singer, musician and composer at age 15. Since 1998 I have developed a prominent reputation as a versatile yet uncomplicated voice artist. My personality is relaxed and sincere whilst my vocal range extends from light, intimate, natural and authoritative to heavy, dark, hard-sell and rock&roll. You can hear me on national and international TV, radio &/or cinema campaigns for products such as: water, wines, chocolates, cars, sports, movies, concerts, events, ballets, medicines and solar power, and a wide range of training, corporate and documentary narratives. I continue to take great pleasure with my work, my family, my music and my friends.



Age range 20 - 30, 30 - 40

Talent range Characters, IVR, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, Straight