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EM Voices Pty Limited Terms and Conditions


The EM Voices Rate Card forms part of these Terms and Conditions and is available by clicking Rates at the top of this page.

By making a booking of an EM Voices Voice Artist you expressly agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions contained in the Rate Card.

All fees quoted exclude GST and are in Australian Dollars. EM Voices reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time without notice.

Voice Artist Employment

EM Voices Pty Ltd is a Voice Artists’ management company representing individuals and companies who perform voice over services for Customers (parties making bookings). EM Voices is NOT the employer of any Voice Artists. Customers are regarded as employers by the Australian Taxation Office and may need to deduct PAYE tax, pay Superannuation and/or Payroll Tax etc. Some Voice Artists operate as Individuals and others as Companies. Please enquire for tax status of each Voice Artist. We are able to provide completed Voice Artists’ Tax File Declarations upon request. For further information on Customer responsibilities regarding taxation, please contact the ATO and/or your own taxation consultant.


Invoices are issued by EM Voices Pty Limited on behalf of Voice Artists. Invoices are issued exclusive of Superannuation which should be paid to individual artists’ nominated Superannuation Fund by employers under Australian law. EM Voices collects payments from Customers into the EM Voices Pty Limited Trust Account and disburses them to Voice Artists after deducting a commission.


Payment terms are subject to EM Voices prior credit approval. EM Voices offers credit approved Customers strict 14 day terms. Customers without prior credit approval are required to provide a bank cheque at session, online payment by credit card or EFT payment prior to recording session. Payments by credit card attract a 3% surcharge.

Applications for credit approval must be made with adequate advance notice.

Invoices shall be deemed to be accepted by a Customer unless EM Voices Pty Ltd is notified within 7 days of the issue date that there is a dispute over any such invoice.

In the event of late payment, EM Voices Pty Ltd may in addition to the invoice amount charge:

a) interest on any outstanding amounts from the due date calculated at the cumulative penalty rate of 1.5% per calendar month;
b) legal and debt collection costs incurred by EM Voices Pty Ltd and its clients in relation to recovery of all outstanding amounts

as well as immediately stop Customer credit, accept no further bookings and advise others of the breach.

Where any part of a Customer account with EM Voices Pty Ltd has fallen into arrears then the totality of that account whether or not in arrears shall become immediately due and payable.

If a Customer fails to pay in full any outstanding amounts 45 days after the earliest unsettled invoice date, they may be subject to debt recovery legal proceedings.

All remittance advices must be forwarded immediately at the time of payment and must contain full payment details including invoice numbers and tax calculations.

There are no refunds for services supplied by EM Voices and its voice artists.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are required for all bookings by credit approved Customers. All Purchase Orders must be duly authorized and received by EM Voices Pty Limited within 7 days from the date of Performance. If a Customer declares they are unable to provide a Purchase Order then they are required to pay in advance. If a Customer states they will produce a Purchase Order but fails to so within the specified period then EM Voices reserves the right to suspend their account and demand immediate payment.

If a third party makes a booking on behalf of their client they must provide their own Purchase Order or ensure their client provides a Purchase Order prior to the session.


If a track is intended to be recorded as a Submission then this must be reported to an EM Voices agent at the time of booking.  If this is not done then full fee is automatically payable.  It will be assumed, unless otherwise notified, that all Submissions (not including research only) are going to air.  The balance of fees will be invoiced 30 days following the date of the job.

EM Voices will send the producer responsible for a Submission recording a Submission Report Inquiry which must be returned with full details of usage completed within seven days of receipt.

Copyright and Ownership

Voice Recordings (Work) by EM Voices Voice Artists remain the Intellectual Property of Voice Artists until full payment is received for such Work. In the event of a Customer’s failure to complete payment on invoices for Work in compliance with these Terms and Conditions, EM Voices reserves the right to inform any Third Parties who are exploiting the Work of their breach of EM Voices Voice Artists’ Intellectual Property rights and require them to cease such exploitation.

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