About Em Voices

EM Voices is Australia’s most successful, exclusive voice over artist agency. Its well-earned reputation as the most friendly, professional and high-quality agency has been achieved by pursuing three simple disciplines;

  1. representing the top artists in the country,
  2. employing the hardest working, most approachable and responsive team of agents and staff, and
  3. sustaining a singular focus on one thing – the business of voice overs.

The company represents Australia’s most exceptional voices as well as high profile actors across a wide range of styles, ages, accents, characters and languages. The management team live and breathe voice overs. They are not distracted by representing anyone other than talented, professional voice artists. EM Voices staff understand the field intimately and service hundreds of customers in a friendly and constructive manner every day.

Our Services
Highest quality voices for:
  • Broadcast Advertising
  • TV and Radio Imaging
  • Promotions
  • IVR
  • Messages on Hold
  • Documentary narration
  • Website presentation
  • Corporate
  • Multi-media
  • GPS Navigation
  • Animation
  • Computer games
  • Character voices
  • Foreign language
  • Every conceivable voice type
  • Every conceivable voice usage

Alex has casting in her blood, being the grand-daughter of Mitch Mathews and niece of Celia Mathews, it was only natural for Alex to follow in similar footsteps. Alex, started her career working for Celia at C for Casting, as the office assistant. This is where her love for Actors and the entertainment industry, really began. In 2002, she took the opportunity to work as an Assistant Theatrical Agent, with Lisa Hamilton who then later merge with Encompass working alongside Mark Morrissey. Alex joined EM Voices in 2005 as a Sydney-based voice over agent and has been a rising star ever since. Her tireless effort, effervescent personality and constant dedication to her work has evolved her into one of the most highly respected voice over agents in Australia. alex@emvoices.com.au


Jane Lillas has had a long and varied career in the entertainment industry. After studying Advertising at RMIT, she found herself seduced by the bright lights of showbiz and started working as a Theatrical Agent in Melbourne. After relocating to Sydney in the mid 80’s Jane worked as a Live Music Promoter and on various television productions for The Grundy Organisation. For the 14 years prior to joining EM Voices she managed two highly respected Sydney-based Talent Agencies. Jane has been with EM Voices since early 2007 and is dedicated to her job primarily representing Melbourne’s finest voice artists.jane@emvoices.com.au


Rachel Cousins brings energy and experience to the team along with a life-long passion for the entertainment industry. Rachel graduated in Media Journalism at UNSW and went on to work as a runner and production assistant before starting her Agency career at Shanahan Management. An engaging natural, ‘people person’, Rachel is keen to meet the daily challenges of her role professionally representing Sydney-based voice over artists while enriching the EM Voices brand as a leader in the field.rachel@emvoices.com.au

Managing Director

Since establishing EM Voices in 2003, Jonathon has overseen the company under the guiding principles that the agency works exclusively for voice artists without diverting attention to other services and with a commitment to representing only the top voice actors of Australia. He also has a long, extensive career on client side in film and television, having produced features, documentaries and other screen entertainment. Jonathon’s interests in a range of additional businesses has endowed him with broad ranging administration, production and management experience. At EM Voices, Jonathon manages the managers.

Accounts managers

Tatiana manages EM Voices accounts with enormous ability and effortless charm. Responsible for everything from invoicing through to artists' payments, Tatiana’s wonderful disposition is much loved and respected by EM Voices' artists and customers. Please get in touch with Tatiana if you have any issues with relation to EM Voices' accounts.accounts@emvoices.com.au