Warm and authoritative, tender yet strong, playful or sensual, emotive and intelligent – Ailsa’s voice is the perfect complement to your words. A born collaborator, she loves the to-and-fro of the imagination that occurs between the booth and the production team.

In her many years behind a multitude of microphones, Ailsa has been the voice of government campaigns and chocolate bars, corporate brands and weekly specials, heartbreaking documentaries and jaunty animations. She is also a sought-after narrator for audiobooks.

Ailsa is a gifted story-teller, who has also had two books published. Whether in her own 80,000 word manuscript, or your fifteen second TV track, Ailsa brings experience, curiosity, confidence, versatility and playfulness. She also brings a liberal dose of gratitude at getting away from the solitude of her desk, so she hopes to see you soon.

Ailsa Piper

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  • Age Range:
    30-40, 40-50, 50+
  • Talent Range:
    Accents, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, IVR, Documentary, Straight, Audiobooks, Singing
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