Daniel is a natural voice over artist who works hard to bring a client’s work to life. Over the years he’s worked for a number of major brands looking for that special something to make a job stand out on screen or radio. Daniel excels at reading straight copy for jobs that need to hit the spot or something a little more heart felt and homely. This has led Daniel to work with a variety of clients in advertising, education and the private corporate market. If you’re looking for something completely different, Daniel also has a catalogue of accents and character voices that he can develop to suit your needs.

Daniel Moore

Additional Demos
  • Retail

  • Character

  • International

  • Gender:
  • Accent:
    British, US various, International
  • Languages:
  • Age Range:
    20-30, 30-40
  • Talent Range:
    Accents, Characters, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, IVR, Documentary, Straight, Audiobooks, Singing
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