Grant’s uniqueness as a voice over artist is to perform with warmth and sincerity. From the corporate sound of Crown Casino, Origin Energy, and The Age, to the emotive campaigns of World Vision and The National Drugs Partnership, to high energy Duracell and AFL, he is engaging and easy to listen to. With a huge array of characters and accents, the gentle authority in Grant’s voice is most effective when used for client proposal or scenario reads. Grant began his career under the guidance of audio industry legend Street Remley, over twenty years ago. “I remember one session with Street where he put me inside a 44 gallon drum with a tape recorder, then rolled me down a hill to get the effect of a man going over Niagara Falls. Ah, happy days.” Grant has numerous film and television credits to his name, and appears regularly in theatre productions.

Grant Piro

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  • New York Accent

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    British, US various, International, European
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    30-40, 40-50, 50+
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    Accents, Characters, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, IVR, Documentary, Straight, Singing
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