Grant is a genuine born and bred New Zealander and if you are looking for a friendly, credible and natural kiwi voice, Grant is ideal.
He continues to be one of the most experienced and utilised “New Zealand accented” voiceover artists in Australia where he has lived for more than 20 years. Originally a trained actor and graduate of Melbourne’s VCA in 1996, Grant prides himself in being able to always deliver the read and style required for any given script and is incredibly versatile.
Clients utilise Grant’s warm, natural style for straight reads, young-hype, corporate and other narration styles.
For a consummately professional artist and genuine kiwi accent – look no further than Grant Ryan.

Grant Ryan

  • Gender:
  • Accent:
    New Zealand
  • Languages:
  • Age Range:
    30-40, 40-50, 50+
  • Talent Range:
    Accents, Radio/TV Promo, Retail, IVR, Documentary, Straight
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