Geneva was born in Switzerland and bi-lingual (English & French) until her family moved to Australia when she’s 7. Geneva can speak English in many different accents, e.g. French, Indian, Italian, Chinese, British and American. Geneva is passionate about rapping and she can rap real fast. She was cast as one of the lead rappers for Woolworths Cricket Blast campaign when she was 9 and it’s still streaming on air every cricket season since.

Geneva can often be seen on the ABC show “How to do stuff good” and “Me@Home”. Geneva was also cast for the role Agent Orana in a popular American TV series Odd Squad. Recently Geneva took a lead role in a horror short film Sushi Noh which will premiere by the end of the year 2021. Geneva loves singing, painting, art and craft. She’s a happy girl and very easy to work with.

Geneva Phan

  • Gender:
  • Accent:
    British, US various
  • Languages:
    English, French
  • Age Range:
  • Talent Range:
    Accents, Retail, Straight, Singing
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