Jude is warm and vibrant, bringing her smile and dynamic voice to every recording session. Her wealth of experience in the industry voicing premium brands like Myer, The Australian Government, Suzuki, Nissan and the Australian Ballet place her in high demand.

Her acting experience in London , Melbourne and Sydney give her an in-depth understanding of performance, voice control, and timing.  Jude will effortlessly match the tone to the brief, lifting the words off the page to produce a unique read every time she steps into the booth .

Her ability to confidently understand and take direction is a key strength valued by her regular clients.

She is a chameleon, being variously, the opinion leader , the best friend , the voice of authority, the confidant, the soothing mum , the eccentric neighbour, and the calming voice you can trust.

Jude is proud to be a cast member of the Academy Award nominated animation  “The Geographical Explorations of Jasper Morello”.

Jude Beaumont
Home Studio, Melbourne

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